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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 1041 Schedule I 2024

Instructions and Help about Can 1041 Schedule I 2024

Hi David Costello here from Jetpack Workflow. Today, I want to spend a few minutes walking through our 10:41 process sheet. If you are watching this anywhere but the blog, you can always go to jetpackworkflow.com/blog for more articles, interviews, and of course, to get more information on process sheets and workflow diagrams. With that in mind, let's spend a few minutes and talk about the structure of our proposed 10:41 process sheet. We typically like to set up a process sheet in three different buckets. We call it the foundation, part two is the process and fulfillment, and then the final bucket, we look at the metrics so we can optimize for the future. Let's look at the first bucket, the foundation. There are some really important things to keep in mind in terms of setting up your process sheet foundation. The first thing would be looking at the budgeted hours. This is going to be great because it's going to help us with scheduling now and of course, when we schedule it for the future. So, we certainly want to include budgeted hours for the entire job. We also want to list out all the team members that are associated with this specific process sheet. We also highly recommend tracking turnaround time. So, you can see here we have our data in and we have our target date. We even have a field for actual data that ties in with our metrics tracking. But at the very least, you definitely want to track turnaround time. We've interviewed top practitioners from around the world, and one of the key metrics that they bring up time and time again is tracking turnaround time. Let's move on to process and fulfillment. Some important things to keep in mind would be to...